4410-01 Fa 2020

The Restoration and Neo-Classical periods were marked by dramatic shifts in the intellectual landscape of Western Europe and settlement of colonies in the Atlantic Empire. Political systems, religious traditions, and cultural conventions were giving way before revolutions in theology, philosophy, and science, simultaneously with the rise of literacy, and the expansion of national power across a transatlantic sphere of influence. In their blog posts, students will engage with the many arguments these revolutions created as they make connections to issues and debates in the 21st-century.


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Gabrielle Clawson https://gjclawson.blogspot.com
Timothy Davis https://tdavisblog1.blogspot.com/
Jackson Gann https://english4410jackson.blogspot.com/
Taylor Henderson https://oflattesandliteratureeng4410.blogspot.com/ 
Nicole Samson https://virtualliterarymusings.blogspot.com/
Carlie Watt http://PostBrainTumor.blogspot.com