Life is full of facts. They matter because with them we find solutions to problems and improve our lives. Without them we become polarized with little chance to find or agree on solutions and live peacefully. Life is also full of lies and alternate facts. How do we recognize the difference? Who’s telling the truth? Is there a truth?

This class will introduce “fact tools” to help us recognize false arguments and create our arguments based on facts, not opinion.

What students will do:   Each week the class is presented with one fact and asked to examine the evidence.  Then we will discuss some important details such as:
  •   Why does the fact matter
  •   Is the fact recognized, or has it been forgotten, altered, ignored
  •   The arguments for and against the fact
  •   Who does this fact benefit (or not benefit)
Next, students will write or compose our analysis of these important details. Our main instrument for writing will be student course blogs