1102 -16 Sp 2019

Our 1102 Spring course has a Caribbean theme - "Voyages in the Caribbean". Each student has "adopted" an island or country in the Caribbean Basin -the area in and surrounding the Caribbean Sea. Their research projects focus on learning more about their island or country and its history and culture. As in other classes, the goal is for students to read and write from a rhetorical perspective that views texts as W.O.V.E.N. artifacts (Written, Oral, Visual, Electronic, Non-verbal). In other words, language and texts are more than just print symbols. We communicate through multiple modes. Therefore, we practice W.O.V.E.N through "writing" blogs. 

 Want to see what students have done? Click on any of their blogs and let them know how they are doing.

Last Name  First Name Island/Region Blog Address
Asim Saad Cuba https://piratekingsaad.blogspot.com 
Bacon Conner pending https://caribbeanconner.blogspot.com/
Coley Gaston Dutch ABC Islands https://tropicalabc.blogspot.com/
Hernandez Tony US Virgin Islands https://tbenher.blogspot.com/
Kebe Sidiki Jamaica https://guinea27.blogspot.com/
Magar Gopal Bahamas https://sujin3.blogspot.com/
Malembo Didi Puerto Rico https://dmalembo.blogspot.com/
Rose David  Antigua & Barbuda https://bzdrip.blogspot.com/
Unterman Rachel Suriname https://roscoebiggles.blogspot.com/