Creating a Blog

Creating a blog

T his semester you will be developing writing blogs as a place to test drive your public voice. What is your public voice? Why, that is how you write for a public audience. Remember we discussed audience and purpose? We talked about how the Rhetor chooses Rhetoric, or language to persuade? Well, that is what you are going to do with the blog - persuade. Out in the open. Not hiding in a dropbox! Creating a blog for English class can be fun and frustrating at the same time. For adventurous students who love a challenge and are willing to "dive in" and explore new ideas, blogging is fun. On the other hand, for students who like to "know-where-they-are-going", blogging can sometimes seem confusing. Don't worry, regardless of where you fall on the adventure spectrum, we will hold your hand and help you find your public voice. You may choose which blog engines to use for your blog, but one of the easiest for beginners is Google's "Blogger".  To ge

Finding Your Writer's Voice

Blogging FAQ's

How to Critique a Blog

16 Rules of Blog Writing.

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Optional Blog Post for Extra Credit!

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Reading Critically