Blogging FAQ's

Blog noun
  1. 1.
    a regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style.

Blogging "newbies" always want to know: How long should my post be? What do I write?

The answer to that depends on your audience and purpose.  For instance, if you are building a blog as part of a course, your instructor will usually give you instructions on what to write and the length. However, your blog should reflect who you are. For more tips on this go to Studio 3880 and read "Finding Your Writer's Voice".

To add media, most blog engines will have an easy to find icon or menu bar at the top of the post page. Blogger also has tutorials and easy to use Help links. We have also included rubrics for your blog.
Below are some rubrics for blog writing:

Relevance to
Writer seems to
have a random collection of ideas with no real cohesion and/or does not expand on ideas; lacks focus or organization; many spelling, grammar and/or punctuation errors.
Main idea is
clear and somewhat focused but lacks supporting
evidence or may jump from idea to idea; may contain some spelling, grammar or punctuation errors.
Includes some
quotes and some analysis of the significance on a basic level. Organized but may contain a minor spelling or punctuation error.
Includes many
details, quotes, analysis of passages and their significance at
a mature level. No spelling or grammar errors, well organized.
grammar, punctuation.

Links or
embedded media
No links or
embedded media; no or few posts; no posts relevant to course; writing lacks coherence or focus
Few links or
embedded media; infrequent posting with little relevance to course or posts may provide little evidence;
unclear thesis or position.
Some links or
embedded media; Regular posting with posts relevant to course and/or providing evidence to support thesis;
few errors; may lack focus or relevance
Includes links,
embedded media; frequent posts with relevance to course content; clear thesis or claim; focused; organized no errors
Relevance to
Writing Quality

enhancements; lacks organization, visuals reflect canned” theme or are not original; no evidence of management in widgets;
At least one
widget or enhancement that shows good management
of information; well organized content that may not be original, but is relevant and pleasing.
Design shows
some creativity with some original photos or visual media; organized; may need some additional enhancements, but well- developed blog.
Creative design,
well organized, visuals relative to content; original media content; widgets or enhancements show good management for a well- developed blog
Visual Appearance